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How to use this site

The Interactive Workbook tab features examples and exercises for each Habits and Chapter.  The examples page links to some of what we reference in the text, along with more, updated examples.  The exercises page builds on and adds to the exercises from the textbook.


The Resources tab provides a wide range of links, and it also gathers in one place some of the key resources we reference in the textbook and elsewhere on the website. 


The Instructors tab's materials have been transferred to and are now available through Oxford UP's system.  The page still features the Unit summaries to help you.


The Innovations tab features links to some of the exciting experiments in multimedia, news ventures and trends in the news industry.


The Careers tab features links to internships, job information and advice and organizations that can help students network.


The Blog features our take on trends or stories, news analysis and discussions of some of the innovations in the news industry.

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