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As news and newsrooms evolve, sometimes they become the story, or a beat. Below are some places to read about current journalism trends in context:


The Columbia Journalism Review does a wonderful job in its magazine and online issues of reporting on the news and stepping back to look at the big picture.


Editor&Publisher is one of the longest-running trade publications covering the news industry.


NPR's award-winning series "On the Media" 

covers and clarifies issues in the news.  In this episode, the show analyzes the outing of astronaut Sally Ride in stories about her death, asking what and how much detail obits should include. 


David Folkenflick at NPR provides insightful analysis about the news media.



More multimedia

News about the news

News About the News

The Pew Research Center's State of the News Media features fact sheets about particular segments of the industry, such as podcasting, tv news and digital news. You can find solid research and analysis about what's going on in the news industry—presented in an accessible, intelligent way. Pew also provides a daily list of links to stories about journalism news and trends. 


The Reuters Institute posts an annual Digital News Report that looks at how and why people in the U.S. and around the world use digital media. It has interactive elements where you can look at specific data they gathered and break them down by country, among other features.


The American Press Institute offers Daily and Deep. Daily is a quick-take round-up on what's happening in journalism that day. Deep takes a longer view, featuring research and thought pieces on topics such as how well journalists and audiences understand each other. 

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