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"7 Mistakes that Doom a College Journalist's Resume" is antiestablisment journalist Michael Koretzky's blunt advice about journalism resumes.  It's strewn with expletives, but provides some very specific tips.





Alison Green at The Cut offers a range of tips for all phases of the job interview, including what types of questions you should ask the potential employer. Follow the links for more subjects.


The University of Wisconsin's Department of Journalism offers some good interview tips for job seekers.






When you start searching the web for journalism jobs, you'll see journalism job titles ranging from "digital content creator" to "audience innovation editor" to simply, "reporter."  It's smart to think ahead of time about the kinds of skills employers are seeking and which jobs are most commonly available.  Below is a short list of some of the best.


Journalism Jobs was founded by a journalist and provides one of the largest lists of jobs in journalism available online.


Mediabistro is another good journalism jobs website, created for professional journalists. 


The Society for Professional Journalists job bank provides not only a list of job openings but also career advice and training.


The Poynter Institute provides a very good list of journalism jobs as well as links to job-seeking advice.


The Investigative Reporters and Editors job center offers a short list of high-powered reporting jobs that includes some entry-level opportunities.




Journalists who have been in the profession for a while have seen some drastic changes, but they’ve also seen what are enduring values and skills.


Below, veteran journalists talk about their career trajectories and offer newbies some advice in the Mediabistro series, "My First Break."

David Muir paid his dues as an intern at a local television station. He says he showed up at the station on school breaks for many years, carrying tripods and sodas, He rose to the top of his field, currently anchoring ABC World News Tonight.  Listen to the way he talks about initiative and persistence.

Christiane Amanpour knew from an early age that she wanted to become a foreign correspondent. Listen to her talk about how a historical moment changed the course of her career. She is a longtime anchor at CNN, and she has anchored and reported for ABC and CBS. 

Katie Couric, Dan Rather and Shep Smith are a few of the other journalists the series features.

And in this three-phase piece, veteran journalist Lester Holt offers brief remarks about journalism, answers questions from interviewer Betsy West and then takes questions from the audience at an event sponsored by the Columbia Journalism School.

In this Guardian article, journalists talk about storytelling and drawing in your audience.

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