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Chapter 5




Visual storytelling






The BBC's Mark Blank-Settle offers a short video about how to use a smart phone to take good news photos. In this short interview, he talks about the "three pillars of mobile journalism."


iphone Photography School is a fun site to poke around on for examples of good photography. Its blog and its tutorials offer helpful tips about how to take better photos with an iPhone—and many of the tips apply for any smart phone.


To see some examples of excellent news photography, link to this Los Angeles Times Web page of photos in the news.




Review—or learn—the important basics about shooting video using this step-by-step guide and links from the Advanced Media Institute.


Here's BBC's Blank-Settle with a smartphone video tutorial.


To read about "the real beauty of B-roll," see this short piece and accompanying video from journalist Andrew Norton (scroll down to the heading, "Load-bearing B-Roll").


For solid advice about more advanced technique, see this piece from the Poynter Institute on creating shot sequences to tell news stories.


Check out these video news stories recommended by the Poynter Institute's Al Tompkins, who shares his expertise based on experienced analysis: "I study stories," he says. "I pull them apart and listen to them line by line, soundbite by soundbite."


And for more examples of effective video news stories, see the Columbia Journalism School's duPont-Columbia award winners. Scroll down to the Winners Archive.

















Videolicious is an easy-to-use app that works well for editing smart phone news videos.


Find more apps for shooting and editing videos here (from journalist Ezra Eeman on Pinterest).


The Advanced Media Institute has a tutorial on using Premiere, a video editing program that works on Windows and Apple computers.


The Advanced Media Institute also provides a good tutorial on how to use Final Cut Pro, a video editing program that works only on Apple computers.

Visual storytelling

Photos Pack More Punch than Text Alone

Kenny Irby, who founded the Poynter Institute's photojournalism program, discusses the impact of images in news stories. 

Video Can Help You Feel Statistics

Alex Blumberg—primarily a radio person—talks here about one of the strengths of video.  He says that when Planet Money produced videos to go with a news story about the global economics involved in making a T-shirt, he noticed how effectively a short video clip could communicate statistical information.

Eight Minutes of Award-Winning Photos

This slide show features photos—many of them classic examples—that have won Pulitzer or World Press photographic awards.

Good Video Storytelling

"You have to go out and do it—get yourself a cheap camera, and go out and start doing video stories.  You will learn what works, what doesn't work," says Pierre Kattar, an award-winning video journalist and filmmaker. In this short clip, Kattar gives pointers on creating strong news stories through video.

"You Never Have Enough B-Roll."

This is one of several good hints about effective video storytelling from Natalie Applewhite of the Pulitzer Center.






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