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General reference and news industry information



Ethics codes, social media verification, fact-checking



Investigative journalism resources and organizations, public records research tips and websites



Research institutes and nonprofits with free resources and tutorials



Copyright, fair use, libel, privacy, public domain, and reporter's privilege



Radio, photojournalism and videography, multimedia examples



Style guides, grammar help, math help, lists of journalism links

Legal Help




Legal Help

General Legal Sites


The Berkman Center for Internet & Society


The Berkman Center focuses on studying cyberspace, sharing its investigations, and advocating for reforms.  You can find research and reports on subjects such as copyright, privacy and privacy tools.


The Digital Media Law Project


This site provides legal guides and advice aimed at citizen journalists and anyone else publishing information online (from Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society). 


Electronic Frontier Foundation


A nonprofit organization that advocates for civil liberties online. The site has helpful information about fair use, copyright, and privacy issues.


The Student Press Law Center


This site provides resources, tip sheets, news about legal issues for college and high school student news media. It has especially helpful information about fair use, copyright and libel issues, and you can call or email for answers to specific legal questions.



First Amendment and Freedom of Information Act


Cornell University Law School First Amendment page 


The website provides helpful information about the First Amendment.


Federal Government FOIA Site


The U.S. Department of Justice has a Freedom of Information Act website, with tutorials on how to submit a FOIA request.


The First Amendment Center


The Freedom Forum operates this website. It provides news and information about the First Amendment.


The FOIA Resource Center


The Investigative Reporters & Editors FOIA Resource Center is the site for anything FOIA, including helpful information about the Act, links to help you file a request and a collection of documents from previously filed requests.


The National Freedom of Information Coalition


This nonprofit organization provides a handy state-by-state breakdown of open meetings and sunshine laws. It’s a great resource for quickly finding out about your state’s open meetings and records laws, a freedom of information blog and news.


The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press


This nonprofit organization was founded in 1970, during “a wave of government subpoenas asking reporters to name confidential sources.”  The site provides a First Amendment Handbook, guides, legal advice, a Freedom of Information request generator, a legal hotline, and reports on relevant issues.


Reporters without Borders


This organization aims to help protect freedom of the press around the world, which sometimes means working to protect journalists’ lives.  Founded by four French journalists in 1995, it is also known as Reporters sans Frontieres.





Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines


The Stanford University libraries website on copyright and fair use is also well-organized, easy to use and comprehensive.


Copyright Quick Guide


A comprehensive and easy-to-use guide from Columbia University libraries.


Cornell University’s Copyright Information Center


The website provides tutorials and training, as well as a helpful chart for helping you determine whether a copyrighted work is in the public domain.


The Digital Image Rights Computator


This is an online tool to help you determine whether you can use a particular image without obtaining permission from the copyright holder (from the Visual Resources Association).


Fair Use Best Practices


The Center for Media & Social Impact has worked with journalists to develop this “Set of Principles for fair use for journalism.”  The principles are a good way to start learning what your rights are in using copyrighted material.



Public Domain


“The Commons” at Flickr


Another good website for finding images in the public domain.  Be sure to double-check licensing information for each work you’re considering using.


Creative Commons


A website where you can both find images in the public domain and create your own copyright license that allows you to share with the general public with a selection of limitation.  Be sure to double-check licensing information for each work you’re considering using.


Wikimedia Commons


One place to look for images in the public domain.  Be sure to double-check licensing information for each work you are interested in using.

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