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Habits Unit 1




Test questions & PDF


Download PDF

In addition to the Habits 1 synopsis and activiites, the PDF download includes the following quiz and exam questions and answers.


Quiz/exam questions bank


True/False instructions:  Please circle the correct answer.


1.  Three characteristics that help define a good journalist are initiative, persistence and curiosity.  (True or False)  Answer: True


2.  A journalist with fire in the belly is passionate and engaged.  (True or False)  Answer:  True


3.  In The Responsible Journalist, a journalist’s habits of mind are defined as the detrimental habits accrued over years that interfere with good, professional journalism. With training, journalists can learn the skills to counteract these.  (True or False)  Answer: False


Multiple choice instructions:  Please circle the correct answer.


4.  A journalist who is assigned to cover the mayor’s press conference in a snowstorm finds out the bus is canceled. She tries to borrow a neighbor’s truck, and when that isn’t possible, walks the mile to the city building.  When no one else arrives, she waits 20 minutes just in case. The mayor walks in and ends up granting her an exclusive interview.  Which of the following best describes the characteristic this journalist has exhibited?  Answer: C

a.  Objectivity

b.  Lethargy

c.  Persistence

d.  Arrogance


5.  Which of the following best describes a journalist who is a practical idealist?  Answer: A

a.  Someone who keeps the ideals of journalism and its traditions in mind while practicing professional journalistic skills.

b.  A journalist who understands that ideals are fine for the classroom and theoretical discussions, but who puts practical goals first.

c.  A journalist who practices researching, interviewing and writing stories before he is asked to do so on the job.

d.  All of the above.


Short answer instructions:  In three or four sentences, please answer the following question.


6.  Please identify and briefly describe three characteristics that good journalists have, according to the text. 


Answer:  The characteristics are initiative, persistence and curiosity.  


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